L.T. - Child Custody

"I fully endorse Theresa D. Brunson, Esquire for her ability to explain all the options and to guide me towards choosing the one that gets the best result.

J.S. - Tax Lien Sheriff Sale Reversal

"I am deeply grateful that I had Theresa Brunson, Esquire to help me untangle the issues surrounding my case. Her clear and direct advice made all the difference."

I.B. - Credit Card Company Lawsuit Dismissed

"Thank you so much, Theresa Brunson, Esquire, for representing me and getting this lawsuit against me dismissed."

C.H. - Old Student Loan Lawsuit Dismissed Before Trial

"I was recently sued for thousands of dollars by a major bank for an unpaid student loan. Theresa Brunson, Esquire represented me and the case was dismissed before we even went to court. Ms. Brunson's ability to get the result I needed was nothing short of exemplary.

Success Stories

Gained Physical & Legal Custody for a Father

In a  suit seeking to modify an existing child custody order, we won sole physical and legal custody for the child's father, making sure that the judge was provided with all information needed to make a sound and just decisio

Obtained Withdrawals of Lawsuits Improperly Filed by Student Loan and Credit Card Companies

Forced Debt Purchaser Attorney to withdraw lawsuits against Consumers where Attorneys failed to produce the proper documents necessary to proceed with the suit.

Reversed A Completed Tax Sheriff Sale

In a lawsuit brought against a city resident we were able to petition the Court to reverse a completed Tax Lien Sheriff Sale which allowed the owner to redeem the property.